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This Primark item is going viral (and it could make you some serious money on eBay)


Primark is a one-stop shop for affordable wardrobe basics (or, y’know, fancy dress), but the high street store has truly outdone itself with its latest Disney range.

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, the collection features t-shirts, socks and the usual bits and bobs. However it’s their kitschy coin purse, designed to look just like Chip from the original animated movie, that’s really sent shoppers into a meltdown.

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Selling out almost everywhere the moment it hit shelves, the £4 purse has seen diehard Disney fans taking to social media in a desperate attempt to track one down.

And, to be honest, we can see why, because there’s no denying that it’s… well, it’s seriously cute.

Check it out:

Primark can’t restock shelves fast enough with the limited-edition item, which has led to some savvy shoppers taking advantage of the situation and clicking on to their eBay accounts in a bid to make a little extra cash.

And it’s worked – the coin purse has been selling for up to five times its original value (£19.99) on eBay.

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One eBay account has already made a mint by selling 82 of the purses on the site for £15.99 (plus postage), making around £1,312 in the process.

Considering the new Beauty and the Beast film – starring Emma Watson – is due to hit cinemas next week, we imagine the demand for cute Chip purses isn’t going to disappear any time soon.


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If you need us, we’ll be rootling around our local Primark for any that might have been missed...

Images: Instagram / iStock


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