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This bridesmaid dress trend is on the rise

unusual bridesmaid dress trend pinterest printed mismatched.PNG

The joys of being a bridesmaid are many and varied, but sometimes – just sometimes – the dress is not one of them.

Finding something to suit several very different personalities, wearing a get-up you’d never have chosen in a month of Sundays, reconciling the happy couple’s wish for a strict theme with your own wish of not looking like a plonker… It’s a minefield full of satin and halter-necks.

However, this year, prospective ‘maids might have an easier time of it, according to a steep rise in saved images on Pinterest for a particular look.

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But first, a reminder: in September, the image-sharing website revealed the most-pinned bridesmaid dress of 2016 to be the below.

most pinned bridesmaid dress

Specifically, the one in the middle. Pretty classic all round; pale pink, inoffensive, matchy-matchy with the other dresses in the range. Very nice, but nothing new to see here.

Well this year, if the hordes of brides and grooms pinning inspiration to their online mood boards is any indication, we’re heading toward a more casual style with mismatched dresses and prints all over the shop (which should make that hunt for the perfect bridesmaid look a little bit easier).

As part of its 2017 Wedding Report, the website says there’s been a 50% jump in wedding pins such as the below.

unusual bridesmaid dress printed mismatched pinterest trend

While you might not think it’s that unusual as a dress, with its colourful print and flowy style in the world of traditional wedding outfits, it’s pretty different to the standard column dresses.

So you might find a lot more informal bridal parties this year, such as the below:

mismatched bridesmaids

And mismatched dresses, as demonstrated by this golden lot:

gold mismatched bridemaids dresses

Among other trends on the up in the wedding style stakes is off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, which saw a jump in saved pins of 158% over the past year.

Statement earrings are leading on the accessories front (whether they’ve overtaken statement coloured shoes under the white dress, we’re not sure) with a pin increase of 67%, while grooms in blue suits has shot up 90% and wedding tattoos (getting inked on your ring finger, getting the date somewhere or even permanent reminders of the bride’s bouquet) have been pinned 116% more.

Images: Pinterest



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