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Photographer celebrates natural beauty of motherhood with untouched images of women’s post-partum bodies

divine mothering project liliana beatriz 2.jpg

Photographer Liliana Taboas Cruz has embarked upon a mission to break-down the pressures surrounding new mothers, with a beautiful series of photographs.

Originally from Puerto Rica and now based in Germany, Liliana has launched the Divine Mothering project, which captures striking images of new mothers wearing just their underwear.

Each photograph is completely unretouched, and designed to showcase the natural beauty of both women’s bodies and motherhood itself.

“It's a tragedy that we find ourselves in an era where women's bodies are hyper-sexualised, materialised, objectified and disrespected,” she says.

Divine Mothering project Liliana Beatriz

Explaining why she set up the Divine Mothering project to the Daily Mail, Liliana continues: “We are taught that we must be this singular type of ‘beautiful’ in order to be worthy of love, of happiness.”

“We have to stop hurting women this way. We need to celebrate all women just as they are.”

Along with the photography sessions, Liliana has set up a blog to tell the story of each woman she features, and is also building an online community.

While her primary goal is to provide a support network for new and expectant mothers, she also hopes the project will empower women struggling with body image issues regardless of whether they have children or not.

Divine Mothering Project

A mother of two herself, Liliana decided to set up the project after her first pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage, and says her own ‘complicated journey’ has inspired her to provide a safe haven for other women.

“I want women to come here to meet other women, and to be able to see what motherhood actually looks like,” she writes in the Divine Mothering mission statement.

“I want to create a tribe, a support system, a validation system, and a positive force to combat the negativity that we are being surrounded by.”

To see more of Liliana’s Divine Mothering images or to join the community, visit divine-mothering.com

Liliana Beatriz Divine Mothering Project

Images: Liliana Beatriz Taboas Cruz / Words: Amy Lewis


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