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25 inspiring women to follow on Twitter

If there's any social media site that pays testimony to the power of words it's Twitter.

The platform turns ten today (21 March) and in the last decade it has grown into a home for women to voice their opinions and catapult change. 

We've used it to break down taboos with hashtags like #shoutyourabortion, to rally against unobtainable standards of beauty (#EffYourBeautyStandards) and call out ingrained sexism (#ILookLikeAnEngineer). It has even kick-started campaigns to change the law, such as the women protesting against the luxury tax on tampons.

It's also a place for encouragement (words that scream much louder than those silly trolls). The likes of Emma Watson and Michelle Obama have successfully used it to champion important feminist causes, while us mere mortals can use it to support one another (#EverydaySexism is just one phenomenal example). 

Today, twitter stands as a community where women can rally together and fight for mutual causes. We play tribute to some of the greatest, funniest and ballsiest female voices on the platform. 



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