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  • Meet the 99p dress

Would you spend 99p on this?

Meet fashion's thriftiest offering

In these times of economic woe and austerity, we're constantly being told to cut back - but this dress would satisfy even the toughest of budgets (take note, Mr. Osborne).

Coming in at a mere 99p, it's cheaper than a London bus ticket, a skinny latte and even your average one-litre pint of milk.

The biggest bargain to come out of fashion since eBay is available at online retailer and consists of a nude body con design. Created especially for the Christmas season, it features gold sequins and on-trend Peplum detail and is designed to make you "belle of the ball at a very affordable price."

Tempted? Take a look at the dress below and let us know whether you would splash your precious £1 coin on it on Twitter or in the comments section.

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