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Cuddle me happy: new hug sofa wraps its arms around you for ultimate comfort


Calling anyone who has ever come home from a long day at the office in need of a good cuddle: there's a new type of sofa in town, and it gives unlimited free hugs.

Set to be our new best friend, the Free Hug Sofa is a giant, squashy chair that offers unlimited warmth, cosiness and comfort.

hug sofa

Made with bonus arms that you can wrap around yourself, the cuddly sofa offers free hugs for whenever there are no actual humans around (or perhaps even when there are).

Designed by South Korean creative Eun Kyoung Lee for the A’Design Awards, the sofa will, according to Lee, “hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover.”

hug sofa

Although it is sadly not yet available to buy, we remain optimistic that one day a Free Hug Sofa will complete our living rooms.

In the meantime, take a look at the below images and imagine yourself wrapped up in a warm and comforting cuddle.

hug sofa
hug sofa
hug sofa
hug sofa



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