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Street Love: photographer captures tender moments of everyday affection

mikael theimer 4.jpeg

The sweet and tender everyday expressions of love shared between couples have been captured in a touching photography series, aptly titled Street Love.

Featuring beautiful black and white images of couples kissing, embracing and cuddling, the series was shot by photographer Mikael Theimer in both his hometown of Montreal and his birthplace of Paris.

mikael theimer

Whenever he sees a couple embracing in the street, Theimer snaps a picture to add to the series and, occassionally, he will approach the couple to offer them a copy.

Explaining his thinking behind the series, Theimer told The Huffington Post, "I just like seeing people in love, I find that beautiful and pure. For a moment, nothing around them matters.

"I like to focus on the good within the human race. The more you see of it, the more you want to be a part it."

mikael theimer

Theimer's favourite image in the series is this photo, below, of a couple embracing in Paris one week after the terror attacks on November 13, 2015.

He said, ""It symbolises the fact that Paris remains the city of love, even so soon after such terrible events."

mikael theimer 1

After a growing interest in the images, Theimer is now expanding the original collection of candid street photographs to include posed shots of real couples kissing.

See our favourite images from the series below and head to Theimer's Facebook page here if you live in Montreal and would like to be photographed with your partner.

mikael theimer
mikael theimer
mikael theimer
mikael theimer
mikael theimer
mikael theimer
mikael theimer


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