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Russell Crowe's 'UFO' sighting


Russell Crowe went looking for fruit bats - and stumbled on a "UFO".

The Les Miserables star released footage on YouTube of what he believes could be aliens outside his apartment in Sydney.

Crowe said he and a friend set up a camera focusing on the city's Royal Botanic Gardens but instead of fruit bats, their recording showed bright red lights flashing across the screen.

His time-lapse film was met with a cynical reaction from many viewers, with claims that the footage showed a plane or a taillight reflected on glass. Others said the 48-year-old star should have posted the "raw footage" rather than an edit.

But one comment read: "If it makes Russell happy, let him believe it is a UFO and not some light interference. Be kind people, be kind."


Video experts have even weighed in to declare the flashing images nothing more than the light from the top of a boat mast, the Australian Daily Telegraph reported.

The actor's rep has admitted that the alleged extra-terrestrial finding is four-years-old, claiming that it only recently came to the Crowe's attention.

His decision to post it online coincides with what he believes is an inadequate publicity campaign for his latest film Broken City:

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By Anna Pollitt. Images: Rex Features/ParallelUniverse1234



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