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Taste test: Hot Cross Buns

Stylist recomments the best Easter eats

Hot cross buns are undoubtedly one of the most delicious parts of Easter. With so many varieties of the small, spiced treats available, Stylist took on the taxing task putting some of them to the test to discover who makes the very best (it's a tough life we lead). After conducting extensive and rigorous taste trials, we're ready to reveal the results...

Baker Tom (Stylist's favourite)

With a deliciously sweet glaze that carmelises after being toasted and hints of both orange and spice, Baker Tom’s hot cross buns are light, fruity and the perfect mix of flavours. Stylist enjoyed eating them all the more toasted and with a think layer of honey.

Gregg’s Hot Cross Buns

More famous for their sausage rolls, the Gregg’s hot cross buns were surprisingly good. With tasty currants and just the right amount of fruit, these buns are juicy - there wasn’t enough spice in the dough for our liking.

25p each or 6 for £1.30,

Sainsbury’s Cranberry & Golden Sultana

Sainsbury's have got creative with the traditional hot cross bun recipe by adding cranberries to the fruit mix, but we think they're all the better for it. Although a bit on the heavy side, when toasted with a bit of butter they're quite lovely.


Greenhalgh’s Hot Cross Buns

Whilst the hot cross buns from this craft bakery were very light and soft, they didn't quite have the right mix of sweet and spicy to be named Stylist's favourite - but as they've recently won awards, they’re definitely still worth a try.

£1.29 for a pack of 4 or £2 for two packs of 4,

Kenny at Fifteen’s Hot Cross Buns

Kenny - Fifteen London’s baker - makes absolutely fantastic hot cross buns. Covered in a sticky, orangey glaze with a subtle, spicy flavour, these buns are chewy and bread like with a perfect amount of fruit.

£1.20 each,

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