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The one trick you need to overcome shyness

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In Roger Hargreaves' book, Little Miss Shy is afraid of talking to other people and her flushing pink cheeks show it. 

It may come as a surprise that French blogger, author and business-woman Garance Doré - who has a combined 1 million followers across social media - once felt the same way.  

"When I was pretty young I used to be very shy," she tells Fast Company. I used to not be able to talk; get very red."

The 40-year-old offered a two-step tip that helped her to overcome her social anxiety:

Garance Dore

1. Remember, no one is superior

"One day, thanks to a friend who was very natural and 'out there'...I realised that we all go through the same doubts and the same crap in our life."

Doré says everyone gets paranoid about similar situations. For example, we all ask ourselves, "Why didn't that person call me back" when we don't hear from someone.

"I learned that and it really helped me."

2. Think of how you feel with your closest friends

When you're feeling discouraged and unconfident in any situation, Doré says to think of your nearest and dearest. When writing on her blog, she says, "I always write to my best friend. I never think about the haters. I never think about the number of people who are going to read. I always think about I'm talking to somebody who likes me and who's going to have a positive look at what I'm going to say".

Watch Garance Doré talk about her personal anxiety and work-life below. 


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