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You are in the office, these animals are in the sun


But what are they saying to you?

ABOVE: “Okay. I can go to the park today because I’m freelance and work from home, but you get paid for Bank Holidays. And I spent last weekend working when you and Tom just stayed on the sofa watching Game of Thrones... No, I’m not being defensive...”

ABOVE: “Hi Tweeps!!! Just checking in from the island. Soooo relaxed! Best holiday ever! Lol!"

ABOVE: “Just tell Mum and Dad that you totally did exam revision in the garden and YOU went to university AND you have a degree.”

ABOVE: “Took our digital devices outside to talk marketing strategy with @StartupSquirrel. Also: retro ice lollies rule dudes!”

ABOVE: “Took our digital devices outside to talk marketing strategy with @Ringtailed_Lemur. Also: white chocolate Magnum owns a Fab any day!”

ABOVE: “Darling, I’m busier now I’ve retired than I ever was before…”

ABOVE: “You have no idea how long this PhD is taking to write up! Just let me enjoy some small pleasures!”

ABOVE: “The next person to say ‘simples!’ in a bad Russian accent… I don’t know what I’ll do.”

ABOVE: “Take a proper lunch break for once. This pop-up ice cafe is so cute and it’s only 10 minutes’ walk from you.”

ABOVE: “In all seriousness, I haven’t slept properly in six weeks. I want to enjoy the fun parts of paternity leave.”

ABOVE: “So great to get to the lido when it just isn’t crowded.”

ABOVE: “Don’t be too jealous. I bet your office has air con.”



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