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The innovative UK companies with a six-hour working day policy

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Dessert lovers, we have bad news for you…

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London commuters horrified by new ‘tube chat’ badges


Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery tips Brad Pitt to play him in biopic


The iconic house from Mrs. Doubtfire is on the market

...for the cool price of $4.5million by Harriet Hall


Hilarious illustrations show the struggle of our twenties is real

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Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your career

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Taking the pill may increase likelihood of depression

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The 20 sexist words that women in Britain want banned


Sign us up: the world’s 13 most unusual university courses


You should only shave your legs late at night, according to experts


Woman run over by man on moped after ignoring catcalls


Tea in a spray can is now a thing, as if 2016 hasn’t been bleak enough

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Disney’s The Lion King is getting a live-action makeover

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: watch the full trailer

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The first trailer for Netflix’s The Crown has landed


Ginspirational: the 20 best flavoured gins to stock up on


16 songs to guide you through the ups and downs of life

From unrequited love to landing your dream job by Alice Vincent


The first baby conceived in new 'three person DNA' technique is born


Gossip Girl star confirms birth of first child and superhero name

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The JonBenét Ramsey movie: watch the trailer


Selfies are officially good for your mental health

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Women are a ‘distinct minority’ among the top UK earners

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Coffee in a cone is here to brighten up your mornings


Appearances matter: this is how people judge you based on your face


You can now buy Hermione Granger’s actual house


‘Mermaid championships’ are now a real thing


Why do we care so much about celebrity gossip?

Photo 26-05-2016, 13 30 15.png

How to launch a successful pop up business for less than £1,000

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Hillary Clinton's powerful video exposes Trump’s war on young women