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Sandi Toksvig’s shock Bake Off confession completely rocks our world


Gossip Girl was supposed to have an entirely different ending


How to use Instagram to boost your career (and land your dream job)

studnets rape joke football game body paint.jpg

Students disciplined for making rape joke during a charity fundraiser


Colin the Caterpillar has been given a cute Christmas makeover

We only just got over Halloween Colin – now Santa Colin is in town

by Kayleigh Dray
sabrina the teenage witch tv reboot.jpg

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is conjuring up a seriously dark TV reboot

elisabeth moss new show abortion series.jpg

Elisabeth Moss isn’t done with powerful dramas about women’s rights


Why we all think we’re the least popular one in our group of friends


Why that Doctor Foster conversation is so incredibly important


What is panic disorder – and do you suffer from it?


This is the one thing people would rather have than a pay rise


Nutella's newest product sounds like all kinds of deliciousness


Man recreates Chandler proposal so he can ask Friends fan to marry him

bake off.JPG

Bake Off viewers are genuinely furious over THAT ‘shock twist’ ending

school homecoming dress code submit photos for approval.jpg

Students told to submit dresses for approval ahead of school dance


This is why hardly any men are taking shared parental leave in the UK


Woman finally approaches rush-hour crush, ends up marrying him

french bulldog health problems.jpg

Dreaming of buying a French Bulldog? Read this first

The secret cost of that Instagram-perfect pup

by Amy Swales
18922886_1325677817539512_8973555515763112360_o (1).jpg

Cookie dough fans, your perfect store is coming to London


Hilarious Instagram account fulfills all our eavesdropping dreams


This guy has a creative way of helping his girlfriend’s depression

love actually live tour uk tickets.jpg

Love Actually is getting a musical makeover for Christmas


A Hillary Clinton-inspired Nasty Women exhibition has arrived


Uber forced to apologise for sexist ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ message

rachel emma baby names.jpg

These 24 baby names are at risk of going extinct in 2017


Woman targeted in acid attack forgives perpetrator in Facebook post

first dates logo.jpg

First Dates fans can’t look away as date spirals into Brexit debate


Harry Potter fans can now apply to work in the real life Hogwarts

unicorn (2).jpg

Unicorn cereal has arrived and breakfast will never be the same again


Fatal Attraction’s dark alternate ending completely changes the film