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Cynthia Nixon says Sex and the City was based on a true story

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Ah, Sex and the City; there’s always been something so comforting about snuggling up on the sofa to catch up with Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbs, and Charlotte York Goldenblatt.

Whether it was giggling at their fast-paced dialogue in a sex toy store, sobbing along to the emotional moments, or simply nodding along to all those truth-bombs (“What’s the big mystery? It’s my clitoris, not the sphinx!”), there was something for everyone to enjoy.

For all these years, we assumed that the show’s writers spent ages dreaming up scenarios for Sarah Jessica Parker and co. to bring to life on screen.

But, as it turns out, we were wrong. Dead wrong.

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Because Cynthia Nixon – aka Miranda herself – has now revealed that SATC was almost completely based on real-life events.

Speaking with Net-A-Porter’s digital magazine The Edit, she explained: “A lot of what you see on television is artificial, particularly what you see on the camera. But so much of the time, what really succeeds is the 'realer' [stories]... it can be dressed up in a lot of a different ways.

“And that's one of the Sex and the City things – every plot-line that happened literally happened to someone in the writers’ room, or happened to someone they directly knew. So even though some of them were fantastical and absurd, it was based on a real thing.”

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Despite piling praise on the show, which aired its final episode back in 2004, the 50-year-old admitted that she thinks Girls – aka Lena Dunham’s hit show – is far more important for women than SATC ever was.

“When sex was bad on Sex and the City, it was funny. And the worse it was, the funnier it was,” she said. “But when sex is bad on Girls, it can be really hard to watch, and it’s sometimes abusive, and it’s important to show that.”

Nixon’s newest film role is very different to that of her SATC alter-ego; she’s set to bring Emily Dickinson, aka the famous 19th century poet, to life in a searing new biopic.

A Quiet Passion vows to follow Dickinson from her schoolgirl days in Amherst, Massachusetts, to her premature death in 1886, examining everything from her earning of the nickname ‘the Woman in White’, to her feminist beliefs, to her increasingly reclusive lifestyle.

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

Jennifer Ehle, who starred as Elizabeth Bennet opposite Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy in the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice, will star alongside Nixon as Emily’s sister, Lavinia. 

Keith Carradine also appears as Dickinson’s father, Duncan Duff as her brother, and Joanna Bacon as her mother.

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The film – which has already generated much awards buzz after being screened at the Toronto International Film Festival - is set to open in UK cinemas on 18 November 2016. 

Excuse us while we just go and book our tickets now…


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