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Abandoned rescue dogs star in heart-warming portrait series to raise awareness of animal cruelty

Just like people, dogs have their own unique personalities; a fact that is delightfully brought to life in a quirky new photo series starring homeless dogs.

British photographer Stuart Holroyd has given voice to a group of abandoned strays he chanced across at an animal shelter in Cyprus, where he is based.

Stuart, 34, decided to take portrait snaps of the inhabitants of the Bay Tree Boarding Kennels in Oroklini - many of whom have been abused by previous owners - to raise awareness of animal cruelty.

His lovingly created portrait snaps use background and lighting to match the character of each dog being snapped, whether it's a cheeky terrier or a soulful spaniel.

The results are both charming and kitsch and give each pooch a real sense of individuality. Come see more, along with details of Stuart's story, in the gallery or visit his Facebook page here.

Photos: Rex Features/Stuart Holroyd


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