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Amazing gadgets and inventions that will rock your world


They say necessity is the mother of invention but in this high-tech era of digital technology, we think it's more to do with pure undiluted fun and testing that irresistible "what if... ?" factor.

All over the world innovators, engineers and tech types are coming together to see how they can stretch the boundaries of ingenuity to create evermore creative, efficient and informative gadgets.

These start-up teams and companies are devoted to playing with the rules of everyday reality to scatter our horizons with new, unexpected and unforeseen opportunities that open up a whole new future of promise and potential.

The beauty of these inventions is that they're often very simple; it just takes one person to ask the question and then make it a reality (albeit with some seriously sophisticated technology and plenty of funding along the way).

For example: what's to stop us typing into thin air? Why can't we sample colour shades from every single surface we see? And instead of typing information into your phone, why not get a cup that tracks everything you ingest in real time?

This is the future, kids. Get inspired with three amazing new gadgets that are transforming the world as we know it right now. Who only knows what will come next...

The rainbow Scribble Pen that instantly reproduce 16 million colour shades

Artists and designers the world over will delight in news of the Scribble pen, a revolutionary new gadget that lets you scan the colour of any object around you before instantly reproducing it on paper.

Forget your average Crayola crayon set - this one, single pen can reproduce more than 16 million colours from any given surface or object (an orange, say) and holds up to 100, 000 unique colours in its internal memory.

It works by using a colour sensor and microprocessor to detect colours and mix the required ink for drawing.

The pen is the brainchild of San Francisco-based inventors Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman , who spent two years developing it and then funding it via a Kickstarter project.

"For the colour-blind, kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students, the Scribble colour picker pen will make copying an exact color, any colour from any object, an absolute breeze," they said.

The Scribble pen also boasts eco credentials; since it bypasses the need for thousands of marking pens, it also hugely reduces the amount of plastic waste cluttering up our landfills all over the world.

It's set to go into production in March 2015 with an estimated price-tag of £175.

Count the liquid calories of every drink you have with the Vessyl cup

In an age where we can track the quality of our exercise, sleep and diet via our phones, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a cup that tells you exactly what you're ingesting.

Intrigued by the potential of digital activity trackers, the tech whizzes over at Vessyl decided to create a cup that not only identifies each drink that passes through your lips, but also tracks in real time the calorie, sugar, protein and fat content of said drink.

The Vessyl will tell you the exact nutrient content of what you're drinking via an LED screen on its side. If you're drinking out of a different cup (say, having a glass of wine) you can manually update data on your beverage of choice to the cup's app, which works in parallel with the screen info.

The app will then aggregate all the data it has on your drinking habits to let you know if you're hydrated enough, how many liquid calories you're drinking and if you need more protein.

The technology behind the cup is advanced enough to recognise major brands of drink, as well as yogurt drinks, smoothies and milk shakes. It can also keep track of how much caffeine you've had, with the potential to aid sleep and weight loss among other things.

Vessyl's team led by co-f0under Justin Lee, says: "We don't get into the specifics of how the technology works [but] we can tell you that there are sensors built in throughout the entire Vessyl. These are in the same realm of technology as quality control in the food industry."

The cups are being rolled out next spring for £60 a go and ten thousand people have already flocked to put in their pre-order since the Vessyl went on sale in June.

Whether we really need such a specific rundown of what we drink is debatable, but there's no denying the opportunities this impressive gadget carries for the future of diet tracking technology.

The AirType invisible keyboard that lets you type into thin air

Innovation and efficiency collide to provide a whole new world of potential with this invisible keyboard prototype from the folks over at Texas-based hardware start-up AirType.

This frankly inspired concept takes projection keyboards one step further by removing the need for a visual keyboard at all.

How does it work? You, the user, put on bracelet-shaped sensor units that go around your hands and over your knuckles. Then you type as usual into thin air and these units detect which keys you are striking, or would be striking, on your invisible keyboard.

So, AirType will learn the finger movements you make to get the letters you want, meaning you can type minus keyboard on any flat surface. It will adjust to the way you type and will come with an app with standard text prediction and correction technology, as with tablets and phones.

The idea is that you could type just as quickly on a tablet or mobile phone as you could on an actual computer, without the need for any added keyboard accessories - and from wherever you're based in the world.

AirType has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with digital devices going forward but the project is just in prototype stage right now. Watch this space.



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