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Bake Off fans scandalised by Berry and Hollywood news: “I am OUTRAGED”

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The Great British Bake Off is, without a doubt, one of the cosiest shows on television – and the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa, a slice of cake, and a pair of warm woolly socks on an autumnal evening.

From friendly contestants to rib-tickling puns, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

But, for diehard amateur bakers, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the sheer perfection of the example bakes Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood bring out for the technical challenges each week.

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Which is why it's come as such a shock to many that Berry and Hollywood actually have nothing to do with those marvellous plates of goodness.

Oh yes.

It’s since been revealed that, despite giving viewers the impression that they spend hours making their bakes behind the scenes, the judges have never so much as sieved an ounce of flour during their time on the show.

Love Productions (who make the show) confirmed: "Paul and Mary don’t make the cakes. They never have.”

They added, by way of an explanation: “They are baked on the day and Paul and Mary could never do that.”


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The statement was prompted shortly after a show insider (and one which we all hoped would prove to be lying) told The Sun On Sunday: “Mary and Paul have never made a single cake in the tent.

“Paul in particular often talks about what ‘we’ have done, so it will come as a shock to fans.”

While we were, of course, shaken by the news, we feel that Berry and Hollywood have a pretty good excuse for putting their technical challenges into the capable hands of the production team.

After all, they're usually kept very busy with judging (read: tasting) the work of the show's contestants - and they need to be on hand to keep an eye on them as much as possible during filming, too.

Despite this, many GBBO fans have taken the bombshell very badly indeed.

“I am OUTRAGED,” one wrote on Twitter, adding: “It’s all a LIE.”

Another added: “It makes me feel sick [and] empty inside.”

Countless others described the news as "heartbreaking” – with many suggesting that they had been “kept in the dark” for too long with regards to this “illusion”.

It’s almost proved to be as upsetting as the moment that it was announced the show would be moving from BBC One to Channel 4 – without Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc, or Sue Perkins.

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Despite this bombshell, an audience of a phenomenal 15 million is expected to tune in to watch the Bake Off final on Wednesday 26 October.

It will be the last time that fans will see Berry, Giedroyc and Perkins inside the tent, following their decision to stay loyal to the Beeb and not “follow the dough” to Channel 4.

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However all is not lost, as the BBC have already lined up their own replacement for Bake Off, which is set to air next summer.

Even better? It seems as if they’re set on reuniting the original GBBO gang for it, too.

Paul Hollywood, sadly, will not be joining his former co-stars; he has signed a three-year deal, said to be worth around £1 million, to move with Bake Off to its new home on the rival channel.

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Bake Off fans, the BBC has already found a replacement show for GBBO


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