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Behold Ikea's incredible flat-pack indoor garden


Ikea has just released the flat pack of our dreams: a fully functional, indoor garden.

Aptly named The Growroom, the garden is a spherical tower made out of plywood that can be assembled in just 17 (sort of) manageable steps.

The ultimate indoor haven for city dwellers with a penchant for gardening, the spherical tower can then be planted with any type of flowers, bulbs, herbs or vegetables that the owner desires.

Created by engineers at SPACE10, a "future-living lab" supported by Ikea, the instructions for building the Growroom are free to download, and only require 17 sheets of different sized plywood and 500 screws.

Writing on Medium, the designers said of the Growroom, "It is designed to support our everyday sense of well being in the cities by creating a small oasis or ‘pause’-architecture in our high paced societal scenery, and enables people to connect with nature as we smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants.

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"The pavilion, built as a sphere, can stand freely in any context and points in a direction of expanding contemporary and shared architecture.”

Click here to download the instructions and get started on building your own Growroom.



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