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Behold the brilliantly frank couple cards that show what modern-day love is really about


We'd love to say a long-term relationship is filled with sunshine, delight and the sweet smell of roses.

But the reality is far more likely to involve hurried sex, binge TV watching and way too much familiarity with one another's bathroom habits.

It's fun, therefore, when greeting cards veer off the sycophantic standard to acknowledge this gritty Mike Leigh-style relationship realism. 

Step forward the folks at someecards.com, who've created a series of hilariously honest missives for "when you care enough to hit send".

The e-cards, decorated with quaint Victorian-style illustrations, are replete with a vision of what modern day coupledom is all about, from waking up and immediately checking your phone to the pressure of having to seem constantly affectionate and the little annoyances that all long-timers will be familiar with.

Our favourite? The card that reads: "I love you enough to pretend I love you all the time".


Take a look at more golden nuggets of relationship wisdom below, or check out someecard.com's full range - including similarly witty flirting, birthday and confession cards - here








Card designs: someecards.com



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