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Best friends reveal how they staged a fake proposal to get free dessert

Fake proposal to get free dessert

If you’ve ever enjoyed dinner at a fancy restaurant, chances are you’ve seen it all before: someone gets down on one knee, another person tearfully accepts, everyone erupts into a smattering of awkward applause, and the newly engaged lovebirds get a free dessert.

Free dessert. It’s the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?

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Keen to capitalize on all the perks of a public proposal – without, y’know, having to actually get married – Texan teenagers Cati Domitrovich and Alex Nagle decided to stage a fake one at a restaurant in San Antonio.

Check it out:

Just look at all that free pudding.

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Domitrovich – a 19-year-old drama student – told Seventeen.com: “The proposal was a hit.

“When I went to the bathroom, Alex told the waitress he was proposing to his girlfriend and that he wanted it on video. So when I got back from the bathroom, he told me we were taking a picture.”

Domitrovich continued: “He then bent down on one knee and began his speech. I ended up getting a bit nervous so I accidentally cut him off in the middle of his spiel, but I said yes and everyone clapped!”

The fake lovebirds scored a free cup of creme brûlée, some chocolate mousse, and a little piece of cake

The fake lovebirds scored a free cup of creme brûlée, some chocolate mousse, and a little piece of cake

The teenager later told Buzzfeed that she and her best friend Nagle had hatched the plan up to cheer themselves up after having had a bad week.

We guess there’s nothing quite like a round of applause to lift your mood – unless, of course, there’s a free cup of crème brûlée, some chocolate mousse, and a little piece of cake on offer.

"Some people are really upset about it..."

"Some people are really upset about it..."

The unscrupulous pudding-grifters later shared photos of their big acting debut on Twitter, writing: “We faked a proposal just to get a free dessert”.

The images, unsurprisingly, went viral in a very big way.

“When I posted the tweet I thought it'd get maybe 600 likes at most,” said Domitrovich. “Some people are really upset about it, but others have found it brilliant.”

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However Texan restaurants had best watch out, as Nagle and Domitrovich don’t plan on retiring their little act anytime soon.

“We’re thinking about doing it other places too,” admitted Domitrovich.

We have a feeling they won’t be alone in their quest: now that the world knows it’s this easy to get free pudding, we imagine there’s going to be a sudden surge in restaurant-based proposals all over the globe…

Anyone fancy joining us for a candlelit dinner later?

Images: Twitter


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