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Start drafting that resignation letter: applications open for the role of ‘hedgehog officer’


Have you ever fantasised about switching your office 9-5 for a life of getting paid to look after cute animals?

Now is your time, people.

Competing with roles such as cat nanny and panda hugger for the coveted title of world's best job, the Wildlife Trust are looking for a full-time hedgehog officer to join the ranks of their Ipswich offices. And the job description is just as dreamy as you'd imagine.

A baby hedgehog sleeping in leaves. Aww.

A baby hedgehog sleeping in leaves. Aww.

The role is centred around trying to make Ipswich the "most hedgehog-friendly town in the UK" after research found the town to be a – wait for it – "hedgehot hotspot".

As a hedgehog officer, you would be in charge of teaching Ipswich's residents how best to look after the spiky creatures, educating them on making their gardens a more friendly environment and establishing a "network of feeding, nesting and hibernating habitats across the town".

You would be in charge of leading community activities to raise awareness about the needs of hedgehogs while also reaching out to media and running training events.

And, perhaps best of all, the job advert promises that you will officially become known as "the face of hedgehog conservation in Ipswich".

The role involves helping to look after hedgehogs in the Ipswich area

The role involves helping to look after hedgehogs in the Ipswich area

So what can you do to secure yourself this dreamiest of roles, which also pays a yearly salary of £24,000?

According to the job advert, you must have knowledge of both nature conservation and hedgehog ecology. You will also need prior experience of ecological surveying, leading community-based conservation activities and communicating with a diverse range of people.

Applications for the role close Wednesday 13 July and you can come one step closer to becoming the first face of hedgehog conservation in the world by applying here.

Your dream job is just a click away

Your dream job is just a click away



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