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Eleven Instagram election memes that sum up how everyone’s feeling today


In darkness, there is always some light. And in 2016, that light often comes in meme form.

Since the news broke that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, our social media feeds and WhatsApp group chats have been awash with posts capturing the mood of a shell-shocked planet – because when you can hardly find the words to express how you feel, sometimes only a funny social media post will do.

If you’re grappling with Trump anxiety, you can read our guide to dealing with election stress here. But in the meantime, take a look at our pick of the best election-themed posts from Instagram here – from the witty to the downright heartbreaking.

1) Our reactions this morning



A photo posted by JeSsIe CaVE (@jessiecave) on

2) Why people voted for Trump

#LifeLessons #iamgoingtoeatyou

A photo posted by Damon D'Amore (@damondamore) on

3) Remember this

4) The special relationship

It's a sad sad day for the world as we know it :(

A photo posted by Leading Social (@leading_social_) on

6) Tips for feeling better

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7) Trump: actual career goals?


What.the.fuck #election #dead

A photo posted by R E B E C C A ✖️ (@rebecca_dieu) on

8) Some historical perspective

#election2016 #wearefucked2016 #gohomeamericayouredrunk

A photo posted by Kristina (@kristinkausa) on

9) If Trump really wants to build that wall...

#wall #please #election2016 #fedup #angrymansworld #fb #gohomeamericayouredrunk

A photo posted by Angry Man (@angrymansworld) on

10) The button we all want to push


Nightmare Regram @leobaulac #election #usa #president #reset #shame #sadday

A photo posted by Flora Gihr (@dressing_des_modeuses) on

11) Looking to the future


Michelle Obama.jpg

People are already asking Michelle Obama to run for President in 2020


Canadian immigration site crashes as Americans consider jumping ship

trump president reactions.jpg

How the world reacted to President Elect Donald Trump’s 2016 victory



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