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London's first porridge cafe to open next month


Following the success of Cereal Killer Cafe, which offered over 100 types of cereal all day, London is to welcome a second breakfast-orientated food spot, but this time with a much healthier focus. Introducing the Porridge Cafe...

The aptly named restaurant, which is set to open in Shoreditch next month, will serve 25 types of sweet and savoury porridge made from 11 different grains.

With a menu that will change daily, the cafe will focus on high quality dishes that are more about taste and healthiness, and less about being a novelty.

Pear, fig puree and vanilla pollenta

Pear, fig puree and vanilla pollenta

It's the brainchild of café founders Nik Williamson and Elly Harrington, who previously ran street food company Bow Street Kitchen. While on a visit to Sweden, Williamson encountered his first porridge cafe when his flight stopped over at Copenhagen and was immediately addicted.

“I fell in love with the place. There seem to be places making interesting and unique porridges all over Sweden and Denmark and I thought it would be ideal for over here,” he told Independent.co.uk.

Banana, blackcurrant and peanut butter millet porridge

Banana, blackcurrant and peanut butter millet porridge

Porridge is considered to be one of the top superfoods, containing 25% more protein than refined grains such as white flour, pasta and white rice, and the duo hope to widen people’s perspectives on how they look at the typically bland breakfast staple.

“People criticise us for doing something specific but fish and chips have been around since the 1940’s and no one bats an eye. The grains are what give us real variety. Even calling the savoury option porridge is a stretch; it is really a risotto dish. We’re hoping the product speaks for itself. We’re trying to steer away from gimmick and focus on making more and more porridge.”

Pomegranate, orange, honey, chocolate shavings & buckwheat oats

Pomegranate, orange, honey, chocolate shavings and buckwheat oats

While the Cereal Killer Cafe was criticised for it's high prices - starting at £2.50 for a small bowl and £3.50 for a large bowl - Williamson ensures his own cafe will be affordable.

“We’re matching prices with chain restaurants that only offer the basics with their porridge," he said. "We’re not in it to make a fortune; we’re just trying to make some really great food. Our most expensive porridge is £7."

While that may sound steep - at Pret A Manger and Leon takeaway pot costs between £2.35 and £3 - the cafe will offer indoor seating and adventurous toppings such as pear, fig puree and vanilla pollenta and banana, blackcurrant and peanut butter.

Blueberry, ginger and apple with mixed seeds with rye grain porridge

Blueberry, ginger and apple with mixed seeds with rye grain porridge

The pop-up cafe will open on 2 March on Paul Street (near Old Street station) and if the concept proves to be a success, it will become a permanent fixture.

So if you crave porridge at any time between 7am and 6pm, you know where to head in the next few weeks.

Beetroot, feta, capers and poached egg spelt risotto

Beetroot, feta, capers and poached egg spelt risotto



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