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Energise and unwind: five yoga classes with breathtaking views

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Yoga is a practice that brings the mind, body and environment together as one. And there’s no better way of doing this than by connecting to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

Studies show being in nature heightens our experience of this timeless art by increasing internal focus and conscious relaxation. Channelling flow amid spectacular views can also work to enhance awareness and vitality. 

To mark the International Day Of Yoga this week, we explore five yoga classes across Britain which take place against a gorgeous backdrop. From oceans to countryside, find out more below – or tell us about your own favourite classes with a view on Twitter.

Sky Garden, London

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Watch the sun come up over London’s striking city panorama, with Sky Garden’s sunrise yoga sessions in the heart of the square mile.

Set amid the tropical greenery of an urban oasis, 36 floors up, the vinyasa flow classes will leave you energised, refreshed and raring to greet the capital that stretches out below.

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Tickets start from £10. Find out more here.

Spetchley Park, Worcestershire

The folks over at Red Kite Yoga run a series of yoga workouts from their pop-up studio in the historic surrounds of Spetchley Park Gardens in Worcestershire.

Nestled amid deer parks, woodlands and lakes, this historic site boasts rolling views of the Malvern Hills.

The 10 seasonal workshops a week include a yin-yang class for active, dynamic flow and Ashtanga Basics, which provides an introduction to moving mindfulness practice. 

Prices start from £10 a session. Find out more here.

Lusty Glaze beach, Cornwall

Imagine stretching out in a secluded cove at the end of a long flight of cliff steps, drinking in an infinite ocean view.

That’s what Shine Yoga founder Jen Austin offers with her uplifting sessions on Lusty Glaze beach, recently voted the best beach in Britain.

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The 75-minute classes take place weekly and feature “a restful relaxation, a gorgeous meditation and a Vinyasa Flow yoga practice”.

Places cost £8 and advance booking is essential. Find out more here.

Paddleboard Yoga, Brighton

SUPYoga Brighton aims to bring a magical new dimension to your yoga practice, by busting a few moves on a stand up paddleboard.

Classes take place on Hove Lagoon, which is protected from passing winds and waves. You may be happy to hear that the boards are also anchored, so they can’t move around that much. 

While it presents its challenges, paddleboard yoga is a fun way of reconnecting with the environment and the need for balance works to centre and tone your core muscles.

Classes cost £17.50. Find out more here.

Waterside yoga, Leeds

When the weather is nice, the pros at Yoga Hero in Leeds take their classes outdoors, by the capillary of picturesque waterways that make up Leeds Docks.

Committed yogis can work their moves to the backdrop of canal boats and gently lapping water.

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“There’s something deliciously calming about practising yoga near the water; connecting with your environment, being outdoors and bringing a different dimension to your yoga practice,” they say.

Prices start from £6.50 for a one-hour session. Find out more here.




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