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The Department of Education reveals how much less it pays women

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Golden rules of work happiness from Europe’s female tech leaders

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How hot does it have to get before you can legally go home from work?


Are you self-employed? These newsletters will help your business bloom

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How changing your name on your CV can boost career success

No deed poll required

by Kayleigh Dray
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This nanny job pays £50,000 – but you have to live in a haunted house


Annie Mac nails why maternity leave can be so difficult for many women

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The surprising way being friends with co-workers affects your career

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Laptop with a view: how getting closer to nature fuels creativity


Borrow Amazon’s ‘pizza rule’ for more productive meetings

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Women doing ‘men's work’: striking images smash gender clichés

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Business is booming for the world’s first professional bridesmaid


It’s official: this easy email hack is guaranteed to boost read rates

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How often should you change jobs to boost your career?


Do this to push back against sexism at work


Fancy being paid to cuddle kittens all day long?

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Badass woman schools male co-worker over sexist promotion text

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These are the UK’s top companies to work for in 2017

Feast your eyes on this for a dose of workplace satisfaction

by Anna Brech
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Most British workers have stopped taking sick days, survey finds

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How daydreaming in the office could boost your career

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These are the 25 CV skills that could be losing you money

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People aged 25-34 are the most unhappy with their work-life balance

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Grandmother’s brutal (and brilliant) resignation letter has gone viral

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Tackling sexism at work: a leading New York exec shares advice


Sheryl Sandberg on the question every woman should ask on a first date


How women are helping other women become firefighters in New York City

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Why you should always say hello to your colleagues in the morning


These are the 15 best-paying careers if you want to travel the world

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Why introverts are more likely to excel in their chosen career path

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Londoners work more hours per year than anywhere else in the UK