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How often should you change jobs to boost your career?


Do this to push back against sexism at work


Fancy being paid to cuddle kittens all day long?

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Badass woman schools male co-worker over sexist promotion text

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These are the UK’s top companies to work for in 2017

Feast your eyes on this for a dose of workplace satisfaction

by Anna Brech
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Most British workers have stopped taking sick days, survey finds

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How daydreaming in the office could boost your career

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These are the 25 CV skills that could be losing you money

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People aged 25-34 are the most unhappy with their work-life balance

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Grandmother’s brutal (and brilliant) resignation letter has gone viral

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Tackling sexism at work: a leading New York exec shares advice


Sheryl Sandberg on the question every woman should ask on a first date


How women are helping other women become firefighters in New York City

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Why you should always say hello to your colleagues in the morning


These are the 15 best-paying careers if you want to travel the world

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Why introverts are more likely to excel in their chosen career path

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Londoners work more hours per year than anywhere else in the UK


Unhappy at work? Ask yourself this one question before quitting

It's obvious - yet many of us don't do it...

by Anna Brech
bey main show

25 of the best career tips from female celebrities

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Revealed: what you should expect to be paid based on your age


This is how much your insomnia actually affects your ability to work

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Study concludes women are “better suited” to leadership than men

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Lego builder: it's a real job and you can apply for it

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Watch hilarious video that debunks idea women are bad at maths

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Lawyer becomes UK's youngest ever female judge aged 31

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The secret to a successful business marriage


New Zealand will pay for your next holiday there, but there's a catch


20 landmark moments for women in business

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Fancy getting paid to eat crisps all day?


Successful women “give up” on the idea of work-life balance, says CEO