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lego builder job.jpg

Lego builder: it's a real job and you can apply for it

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Lawyer becomes UK's youngest ever female judge aged 31


New Zealand will pay for your next holiday there, but there's a catch


20 landmark moments for women in business

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Fancy getting paid to eat crisps all day?

Walkers are on the hunt for a brand-new crisp taster…

by Kayleigh Dray

Successful women “give up” on the idea of work-life balance, says CEO


Meet the woman who converted a trailer into a prosecco-filled vino van


People are more scared of deadlines than they are of actually dying


Lena Dunham says she's probably quitting acting

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The Queen will pay you £30,000 a year to tweet for her


You can now intern for Barack and Michelle Obama


Experts reveal the worst mistake you can make in a business email


Swedish women reveal the emotional benefits of working a six-hour day


There’s a job that will pay you to eat chocolate

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The overused words you should avoid on your LinkedIn profile


Discrimination against pregnant women must end, says government


LinkedIn says these are the most promising career paths for 2017


These are the top five business ideas for startups in 2017

Dreamers and entrepreneurs, take note

by Sarah Biddlecombe

Men refuse to apply for jobs that use “feminine” words

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Hidden and pop-up home office inspiration for any living space


Teenage girls are being targeted as the next generation of UK spies


More men cry after a work performance review than women, study finds

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These are the top UK cities to find a job in this year


Fancy getting paid to travel the world and take Instagram photos?


Why women-only co-working spaces are the latest big office trend

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Six ways to upcycle your LinkedIn profile

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“Why are we scared to ask about maternity benefits in job interviews?”

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Helen Mirren has three pieces of career advice for young women

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Five ways to upcycle your career in 2017

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10 pages that set the bullet journal apart from your normal diary