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These are the 15 best-paying careers to pursue if you want to travel the world

According to a recent Stylist poll, 98% of our readers want to travel more, with almost 38% saying they want to do so “desperately”. But for many of us, real life – and more specifically, work – has a tendency to get in the way of our round-the-world fantasies. Either we can’t afford to simply quit our jobs and jet off into the wide blue yonder, or we’re busy climbing the career ladder and don’t want to jump off in order to travel.

But of course, there are careers where “travelling for work” doesn’t just mean the annual company conference in Dundee. In some industries, frequent travel is all part of the job description.

Job site Indeed has ranked the world’s best-paying jobs for people seeking a border-crossing career, by analysing the average salaries of jobs involving frequent travel. And while some of the careers are ones you might expect to involve travel (such as airline pilot), others are much more surprising.

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“Being paid to travel need not be a fantasy,” says Bill Richards, Indeed’s UK managing director. “For people with itchy feet and the desire to work among other cultures, jobs that require a lot of travel can be hugely satisfying.”

He adds: “Loving what we do helps us thrive as an individual and achieve great things as a professional. If you have a passion for travelling and can combine it with a job you enjoy, the salary will be only half the reward.”

If you want your next career move to take you to places you’ve never been before, you might want to read on.

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