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This dreamy job will pay you to eat chocolate


We blame Roald Dahl, but we’ve been obsessed with chocolate for as long as we can remember. Had a bad day at work? Chocolate. Want to celebrate something nice? Chocolate. Missed breakfast and need a little pick-me-up around 11am? Choco… well, you get the picture.

All this time, we’ve been paying for the stuff like absolute chumps. And now we’ve found out that there’s a way to get the real-life Willy Wonkas of the world to pay us to eat their delicious creations.

That’s right: an international chocolate company has announced that it is looking for a new chocolate and cocoa beverage taster.

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According to Mondelez International – the US company behind Cadbury, Milka and Oreo – it is seeking someone with a “passion for confectionery and taste buds for detection” who is “eager to try new inventive products” to join its team.

Or, to put it another way, they want to pay us actual money to sit in a sensory booth and cram large pieces of something sweet and rich and solid into our mouths.

Life is like a box of chocolates - so why not get paid to eat them all?

Life is like a box of chocolates - so why not get paid to eat them all?

You’ll need to be a team player as well as a chocoholic, as you’ll be working “within a team of panellists to share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on taste”.

Together, you’ll deliver “objective and honest” feedback to Mondelez, so that you can help the company to “launch an entirely new product all over the world”.

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And, if you were worried the task would be too taxing (seriously?), then don’t despair; this choco-chomping role is a part-time one. The lucky candidate will only need to work seven and a half hours a week between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It sounds like a dream job, really

It sounds like a dream job, really

The role, which is based in Reading, is an entry-level job, so years of experience in professional chocolate tasting may not be necessary. However they would, obviously, prefer someone who enjoys dallying with all things cocoa-based in their spare time.

If you're interested, head over to the Mondelez International website to apply.

But remember: we’re willing to fight you tooth and nail for it…

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