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Reclaim your lunch break: 10 creative ways to make the most of your hour off

How often have you eyed the clock at work, realised you're 20 minutes past lunchtime and made a mental note to grab something from the nearest shop just as soon as you've finished X, Y and Z? Then, after eventually managing to hunter-gather something meal-shaped on the desk in front of you, you continue with what you were doing, barely noticing you've even eaten it (if it wasn't for constantly maneuvering your keyboard around your salad so you could email at the same time)? Packed lunch bonus points: you don't even leave the building.

And it's easy for this mindset to trickle into the rest of our waking hours, as we stay late at the office and cradle our phones in bed while we check endless emails.

However, here at Stylist we've long supported the idea of carving out time for yourself during throughout both the working day and once you leave the office.

We all know we feel better actually leaving our work space, whether it's at home or in an office, for a proper lunch break. We all know everything will still be there when we get back in the morning, after leaving work for the day, and we're probably even confident that everything doesn't go up in flames as soon as we step outside for a breather. But do we do it? Rarely.

Happily, there's always time to break a bad habit. So what are you waiting for? Click through our gallery below for 10 brilliant ways to reclaim your work-life balance and carve out some time for yourself.



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