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The 10 creepiest jobs and careers in the world, according to science

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It may come as a surprise to hear that there has never been a scientific study into the concept of “creepiness”.

Until now, that is.

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To celebrate the return of winter – with all of its wild weather, darkened nights, and shorter days – a group of scientists have decided to get their creep on. 

And, after surveying 1,341 individuals from around the world, they came up with surprising results; there are certain jobs which are more strongly linked with creepiness than others.

Scientists have unveiled the creepiest jobs in the world

Scientists have unveiled the creepiest jobs in the world

Explaining how they gauged whether a job was creepy or not, they explained that it was based on people’s reactions; they would often find their trigger response to be “both unpleasant and confusing”, and it “may be accompanied by physical symptoms such as feeling cold or chilly”.

With that in mind, what was the job that left people feeling the most creeped out? 

Yup, you guessed it; clowns topped the chart as the creepiest job at all – which should come as no surprise, considering the spate of ‘Killer Clowns’ that have been spotted across the UK and the USA of late.

They were followed closely by taxidermists and sex shop owners.

However, some of the ‘creepy’ jobs unveiled by scientists at Knox College in Illinois were very unexpected.

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Seriously, what’s wrong with writers?

You can find the full list of the world’s creepiest jobs, ranked in order of creepiness, below:

  1. Clown
  2. Taxidermist
  3. Sex Shop Owner
  4. Funeral Director
  5. Taxi Driver
  6. Clergy
  7. Janitor
  8. Garbage Collector
  9. Guard
  10. Writer 

Explaining the results, the researchers said that it has a lot to do with ambiguous threats, particularly when its related to “non-verbal behaviour” – which explains the cold pit of fear we feel in our stomachs at the sight of a wordless clown.

They added: “We are placed on our guard by people who touch us or exhibit non-normative non-verbal behaviour, or those who are drawn to occupations that reflect a fascination with death or unusual sexual behaviour.”

Clowns were ranked as the creepiest jobs

Clowns were ranked as the creepiest jobs

People who collect items as a hobby, particularly objects which we are naturally predisposed to (such as dolls, spiders, or skulls) also tend to trigger our ‘creepiness’ radar.

However certain behavioural traits can cause us to react fearfully to others, the scientists added, saying that “individuals who display unusual patterns of nonverbal behaviour, odd emotional responses, or highly distinctive physical characteristics are outside of the norm, and by definition unpredictable.”

They continued: “This may activate our ‘creepiness detector’ and increase our vigilance as we try to discern if there is in fact something to fear or not from the person in question.”

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Unusual behaviour, such as working odd hours, can contribute to this – which may go some way towards explaining why taxi drivers and garbage collectors made the list.

Researchers concluded: “Everything that we found in this study is consistent with the notion that the perception of creepiness is a response to the ambiguity of threat.”

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