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New Zealand will pay for your holiday (if you agree to attend a job interview)


Job interviews are, without a doubt, one of the most nerve-wracking and mentally exhausting parts of the career ladder clamber. Just those two words are enough to send even the most seasoned executive into a cold sweat.

But what if, say, you could transform your job interview into a dreamy holiday abroad, complete with sunshine, sandy beaches, and tranquil oceans to dip your toes into?

Yup, it suddenly sounds a lot more appealing.

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The tech industry in New Zealand’s Wellington is looking to recruit text experts (techsperts?) from all around the world – and is offering a free holiday to their fair country for anyone who can prove their merit.

Best job interview ever?

Best job interview ever?

The Looksee Wellington programme is a partnership between the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and Workhere New Zealand, a business specialising in global recruitment marketing.

Together, they intend to host 100 lucky candidates, hailing from all over the globe.

Better still, they’ll be paying for all their flights and accommodation. Score!

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However, as is always the case with dreamy scenarios, theirs is a quid pro quo system – and so you won’t just be lounging on the beach or poking your nose around the city.

“It’ll be four days of pre-arranged job interviews, meet-ups and exploration,” the organisers of the programme have confirmed. However they promise that, by the end of the week “there’ll be offers to jobs you never knew existed in a place with a lifestyle you never thought possible.”

If you’re interested in this opportunity, be sure to check out the official website and register your interest ASAP – the deadline is looming, and the sun is shining bright down under.

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