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Three signs you should leave your job and work for yourself


Do you set your morning alarm each night with an impending dread looming over you? How often do you grimace and smile when people ask, "How's work?" 

Perhaps it's time to print out that resignation letter you've already got stored in your email drafts.

There are jobs that are The One and then there are jobs that are The One You Should Have Broken Up With Months Ago. 

A recent article in Forbes recounted one woman's experience of setting up her own business despite qualms over job security.

A self-confessed 'Corporate Sally', Liz Ryan found herself working on a freelance consulting project - and enjoying it. 

Quitting job

Is it time to throw your dreary 9-5 job into the past?

"If your friends tell you 'You should start a business,' ; listen to them," she writes. "Job security is not something that comes with a job title. It's something you build for yourself."

And if fear is the only thing that's stopping you from escaping the quicksand, then let these six woman who traded in the 9-5 office haul for a life less ordinary inspire you.

Here are some signs you should stop wasting blood, sweat and tears on a corporation - and start working for yourself.

Frustration office

It can be maddening when your colleagues won't listen to you, even when you know better

You see a better way to do things

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with the way things are done at work, because you know there's a better way?

The emotional energy wasted on those feelings would be better spent focusing on creating something with your insights.

If you know how to do it better, why not do it yourself?

Red tape

'Protocol': another word for 'you might as well not bother'

Workplace bureaucracy is killing you

The bloodshed in Game of Thrones has nothing on the average underworld of office politics. 

If you find yourself wanting to take an enormous axe to all that red tape, then perhaps a large company just isn't for you.

Because the only thing you'll be battling against in your own business is the urge to have a lie-in.

Happy in the office

Starting your own business might seem daunting, but the rewards can be incredible beyond imagination

You have a big idea

You've got a light bulb moment - the problem is, no one's paying attention. 

Big ideas often get swallowed up, dismissed or warped in an office environment. Even if they are picked up, you'll often miss out on getting any credit.

Save that genius for yourself and create something big yourself. Those little thoughts that pop up as your frustration level increases as the caffeine dissolves? One of them could be the seed to your empire.

As the writer suggests, keep a journal to record and develop your idea. There's no hurry! Make sure you're ready to go before making that brave leap into the unknown. 

Want to go freelance but no sure whether it'll keep your landlord at bay? Here are the 10 highest-paid jobs you can do from home. 

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