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Fancy getting paid to eat crisps all day?

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Crisp addicts, we’ve found the perfect job for you.

At the moment, we imagine you move through society like any other person; you go to work, you do the job you’re paid to do, and then you rush home at the end of the day, where you’re finally reunited with your one true love – crisps.

Now, at last, we’ve found a way for you to sit around and nosh on the crisps all day long. And, better still, get paid for it.

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That’s right; Walkers are looking for someone to eat crisps for a living.

PepsiCoUk, the company which owns Walkers, are on the hunt for a part-time food tester, who will be challenged to sample a wide variety of crisps and beverages (think fizzy pop).

They will then be asked to give feedback on all of the flavours and textures that they’ve come across during their gorging session.

Sounds easy enough, right?

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Of course, not just anyone can apply.

Crisps, glorious crisps...

Crisps, glorious crisps...

To be in with a shot at the job, you’ll need to demonstrate good interpersonal, communication, and IT skills.

More importantly, you also need to be a non-smoker and suffer from zero food tolerances – because, as ever, with great powers comes great responsibility.

Speaking to Leicester Mercury, Krystina Mason, who has worked at the company for six years as a food tester, explained: “On a day-to-day basis we have to make sure our palates are clean - I like to drink lemon water.

“We are not allowed to drink tea or coffee because it will interfere with the palate. We have to have 20 minute breaks between tests, where we will eat fruit so we know our taste buds are cleansed.”

She added: “I go to a lot of trouble to not have things interfere with my taste buds, so I know I am up to standard and nothing will interfere with my taste buds at work.”

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If you’re still up for the job, it’s worth knowing that it’s based in Leicester. And, should your application be successful, you’ll be paid £8.51 an hour to work between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Thursday – for a maximum of eight hours a week.

To be honest, we doubt there’s much we can say to deter crisp lovers from applying for this dreamy food-based gig. You can apply here, but make sure you hurry; the deadline for CVs is 6 March.

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