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Say hello to the new WINE advent calendar (because chocolate is so last Christmas)

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Back when we were kids, advent calendars were pretty dull affairs; you’d peel back your cardboard window to unveil a festive drawing – and that was it.

As we grew older, however, things changed; scrunchies went out of fashion, hair mascara suddenly wasn’t cool anymore, and our advent calendars underwent a pretty dramatic makeover. The sweet, albeit disappointing, pictures were swapped out for a small chocolate treat (usually in the shape of a candy-cane or gift box), which many of us enjoyed as part of a sugar-fuelled December breakfast. 

Nowadays, however, chocolate advent calendars aren’t just the norm – they’re probably the most basic of the Christmas countdown family. And they’re fast going out of fashion.

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From advents stuffed with beauty products, to boozy gin versions, there’s an advent calendar to suit every single one of our grown-up whims – and now, at last, there’s a dreamy wine advent calendar on the market.

Be still our beating hearts.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... wine. All the wine.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... wine. All the wine.

Designed by Virgin Wines, the aptly-named Wine Advent Calendar is… well, it’s more of a box. But what a box it is!

Behind each of the 24 ‘wine windows’, you’ll find a festive surprise in the form of a diddy 200ml bottle of vino – more than enough for a generous glass of plonk each evening.

And, while the company are keeping mum on the specifics, they’ve informed us in no uncertain terms that the eclectic collection features reds, whites, Prosecco… and even a festive port.

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Better still, every single bottle in the box hails from critically-acclaimed vineyards from all over the world, which means you – much like Santa Claus himself – will be able to travel across the globe in very little time, and in serious style.

Well, sort of. You’ll probably be as merry as St Nick, at the very least; we always thought his jolly attitude to life had something to do with those snifters of brandy he enjoyed on the job…

The boozy calendar is available for £69.99 – which means that each glass (approximately) clocks up to £3. Which is very reasonable indeed, considering that you probably couldn’t even buy a soft drink from most clubs for less.

All together now? On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… wine. Beautiful, beautiful wine. Hallelujah.



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