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Five cocktails you should try


With Christmas on the way, your social diary is likely to be jammed packed with soiree after soiree. Whether you’re out at the office party or having a girlie night on the town, there’s no better way to celebrate the festive season than with a delicious cocktail… or two.

To help you enjoy the onslaught of festive parties approaching, Freixenet (pronounced fresh-eh-net) best known for its distinctive black bottle fizz, Freixenet Cordon Negro has teamed with cocktail maker extraordinaire, Javier De La Muelas, to create Cocktail of the Week from The Black Cocktail Collection.

From the Perfect Bellini to the vibrant Flamenco, these festive cocktails will tantalise your taste buds making them the perfect tipple to bring in the throng of parties this festive season.

Garden Party - Cocktail of the week!

Decadent and luxurious, the Garden Party cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to a girlie get-together. The refreshing taste of Cordon Negro combined with the sweet flavour of mint moijito syrup, elderflower liqueur and Angostura is sure to excite your taste buds on your festive night out.


2 dashes of Angostura / 0.5cl Mint Mojito syrup / 0.5cl lime roes / 1.5cl Elderflower liquor / 4cl Martini Rosato / 10cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – Rosemary and edible berries


Pour all ingredients (except Cordon Negro) in a teapot / Add ice and stir with a spoon / Add Cordon Negro / Decorate

Da Vinci

The sweet notes of raspberry, orange and caramel are offset with the sour taste of Cynar and refreshingly cool Cordon Negro

can be served as an aperitif or equally delicious on its own.


1.5cl Raspberry syrup / 2cl Martini Rosso / 2cl Cynar / 1cl Galliano / 10cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – Orange peel, berries and sprig of mint


Beat all ingredients in a shaker for 10 seconds / Serve the cocktail in a decanter or balloon glass with plenty of ice. Add the Cordon Negro / Decorate

Chinese Suite

Cocktails don’t get more refreshing than the Chinese Suite. The fruity mix of cherries, orange, lychee, cranberry and Cordon Negro topped with ice is the perfect beverage to start your evening’s festivities.


1 dash of orange Angostura / 1 tablespoon of cherry syrup / 1cl Marraschino / 2cl Lychee liquor / 3cl Cranberry juice / 8cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – Edible flowers, berries and lemongrass


Serve the ingredients in a teacup or large cocktail glass / Pile with ice and stir with a bar spoon / Add Cordon Negro and stir gently / Decorate the cocktail

Drive Me Crazy

Served in a tall Martini glass, Drive Me Crazy is a deliciously sweet concoction of exotic fruit, rum, Cordon Negro and topped off with vanilla notes. The easy to make cocktail is sure to please on a girlie night out.


1 fresh passion fruit / 2cl Vanilla Syrup / 1cl lime juice / 3cl Bacardi / 6cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – Edible flower and anise


Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake for 10 seconds / Serve in a Martini glass and add the Cordon Negro /Decorate


Oozing sophistication the Flamenco cocktail, best served in a champagne flute, is a sumptuous blend of rum, Cordon Negro, chocolate liquor and the refreshing fruity aroma of Pedro Ximenez. A cocktail like this deserves the only the most refined of settings.


2cl Pedro Ximenez / 1cl Kuhri chocolate liquor / 1cl Bacardi / 7cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – An edible flower


Serve all ingredients in a flute / Stir with a bar spoon / Decorate


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