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Costa have switched up their brunch menu to include avocado toast and Prosecco

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When we’re in the mood for a decadent brunch, filled with bubbles and exciting new flavours, we usually venture into a boutique café, tea room, or garden restaurant.

When we fancy grabbing a cappuccino and croissant for the road, however, we stick to the coffee street chains that can be found on every single high street in the UK.

However, thanks to Costa Coffee, that could all be about to change.

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With a new menu that calls out to our inner hipster, it features everything from avocado toast and slow-drip coffee, to colourful French macarons and antipasti sharing platters.

There's also a delicious 20-hour steeped ice blend coffee, not to mention a plethora of speciality loose-leaf brews for all the tea-drinkers out there.

Coo, it’s all a bit posh, isn’t it?

The store, which has also been given a glam makeover, will also feature longer opening hours (until 9pm Monday to Saturday, and until 7pm on Sundays), which means that they can serve alcohol, too.

That’s right; you can pop in for a glass of red wine, Prosecco, craft beer, and cider, too.

However, as always, there is a catch…

The fancy Costa menu is currently only available at their new trial store in Wandsworth, London – an area which is renowned for being a little more la-di-da than the rest of the city anyway.

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Jason Cotta, managing director of Costa Coffee UK & Ireland, told the Mail Online: “This is an exciting time for Costa Coffee. 

“Since Costa was founded in 1971, it has been at the forefront of Britain's growing love of great coffee.

“As core coffee options become well established favourites, we believe coffee lovers are ready for the next generation of beverages.”

He added: “Alongside our Mocha Italia espresso-based drinks, we are proud to launch new beans, brews and coffee experiences to our customers. 

“The trial of the new store in Wandsworth affirms our commitment to making coffee interesting, exciting and accessible to all.”

Costa has not yet revealed if it has plans to open more of the posh shops across the country, but it’s assumed that, if the posh Costa (Poshta?) does well, they’ll be launching the menu nationwide.

Until then, you’ll just have to hop on a train to Wandsworth to soak up all that ambience…

The trial store is at 328-334 Old York Rd, Wandsworth, SW18 1SS.


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