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Could you pass GCSE maths and science exams? Take our quiz and find out


GCSE results were released today – and after years of speculation that exams were getting easier, it seems as though the wind might now be blowing in the opposite direction. While many students still scored excellent results, national GCSE results have fallen dramatically in almost all subjects – with maths seeing one of the biggest drops, according to The Guardian.

Those who received GCSE results today not quite as hoped should take heart: academic scores aren’t the only key to a happy, successful life (and at any rate, there are always retakes).

But if your own schooldays are but a distant memory – even if you can’t remember anything about Pythagoras, and haven’t added anything up in your head since 2008 – you still might find yourself thinking: “Yeah, I could probably still get through a maths exam.”

Could you, though? Here, we’ve rounded up six questions from three recent foundation maths GCSE papers: Statistics and Number, Number and Algebra, and Geometry and Algebra (to be honest, even the titles are bringing us out in a cold sweat). Give it a whirl. You might not feel so confident once you’ve finished…

And now, try your hand at GCSE Science...


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