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Chic and creative home office designs that make the most of limited living space

The rate of self-employed women in the UK is on the up right now, propelling a dream of self-sufficiency that often involves working from home - at least to begin with. 

Transforming a section of your home into a place you can work is no mean feat but luckily, help is at hand. Pinterest is suffuse with photos and ideas on how to eek out desk space and create chic and stylish study areas from the most unlikely of places.

From loft and shed conversions to pop-up desks and the best use of light, colour and accessories, we bring you the design tips and tricks for creating your very own beautiful and efficient home office.

So whether you just want to carve out some space to work of an evening or are looking for a permanent base at home, read on for some space inspiration. 



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