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  • Chicks in hats!
  • Chicks in hats!
  • Chicks in hats!
  • Chicks in hats!

Chicks in hats!

Unwarranted cuteness right this way

If you're in the mood for some pure, unadulterated Wednesday afternoon cuteness, look no further.

The chicks wearing hats are impossibly sweet - and that's coming from an office that has a very high turnaround of cute stuff.

The fashion-savvy fowls are the brainchild of Etsy store ChicksInHats, which sells poultry-themed magnets, notepads, photo cards and more.

We're sure you'll agree that chicks plus fashion go together - well, like birds of a feather.

Enjoy the stylish chicks in all their millinery glory, below...

Picture credit: ChicksInHats/Etsy

Tags: cute, photos, fashion

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