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Cutie and the Beast: The story of young girl's adorable bond with her Doberman puppy


A four-year-old American girl's bond with her devoted Doberman puppy is winning hearts on Instagram.

Just a ton of kisses for her very #happydog

A video posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

Siena Prucha's mum documents her daughter's exploits with 80-pound pup Buddha on Instagram account Cutie and the Beast: A Little Girl and Her Big Doberman.


A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

Seattle-based Tara Prucha initially intended the account to be a way of sharing pictures with family and friends, but the pair's unlikely friendship quickly attracted attention and two years on they have a staggering 129,000 followers.

Prucha explained to Today.com: “I took a tonne of photos and wanted to share them with everyone, and then all these random people became diehard fans.”

Sunset with my best.

A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

Siena and two-year-old Buddha do everything together, including sleeping, reading, bathing - and even having manicures.

Prucha said that she hopes Cutie and the Beast will highlight how “gentle" the imposing-looking breed can be.

All eyez on me.

A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

“Dobermans are also known as ‘Velcro dogs’, they just want to be with their one human,” she said. “And he has obviously chosen my daughter.”

“She doesn't have a single toy or play set she adores,” Prucha added. “For her, that's Buddha.”

Needy pup

A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on



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