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Dog named Jimmy Choo is owner's muse for incredible and hilarious pictures


What better way to celebrate the middle of fashion week than by introducing you to the cutest dog we've seen today - a bull terrier named Jimmy Choo.

The furry friend is owned by restaurateur and editor in chief of Brasilian gastronomy marketing site Marketing na Cozinha, Rafael Mantesso and was named by Rafael's ex-wife, who, you might have guessed, liked Jimmy Choo shoes.

After his divorce, Rafael was left in an empty house so to fill it up he decided to draw lots of pictures for his home. And, because, Jimmy was always there watching him work, he decided to incorporate the hound into his creations.

So far, the talented artist has put his best friend in numerous pictures, including one of him sharing a plate of spaghetti with Lady from Lady and the Tramp - our personal favourite.

Rafael has also given Jimmy his own mug shot as a bank robber, depicted him as the shark in the infamous Jaws poster, and also drawn him as a superhero who can fly, with his very own cape (Superdog?).

Apparently, Rafael's favourite it the one of Jimmy singing, which, we have to agree is very sweet.

Take a look at all the pictures below. And if you want more, which of course you will, you can head over to his Instagram page here.



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