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Found: a guide dog for a blind dog


Giving a whole new meaning to the term guide dog is cute canine couple Milo and Bella.

Attached to each other by a lead, the two dogs go everywhere together as smaller pup Bella acts as a personal guide dog for Milo, a working cattle dog, who became partially sighted three years ago.

The pair have been together since the older dog lost his sight, however, according to current owner Fiona Mitchell who fostered them from Australian Working Dog Rescue, Milo has no problem with being bossed around by his younger companion:

"He [Milo] hasn't known life without Bella since losing his sight and, despite her youth and size, she's instinctively just taken to the role of big sister and is constantly getting him on his guard by barking at him,” explains Fiona.

"She uses a certain bark for him and it seems she changes the tone to send a different message. When she alerts him, he pricks up and he then relies on his heightened sense of smell and hearing." This is one girl guide that's certainly earned her badge.

Picture credit: Rex



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