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  • HAM-made Homewares
  • HAM-made Homewares
  • HAM-made Homewares

HAM-made Homeware

New homeware reveals animals' secret lives

Welcome to the wonderful world of HAM. No, not the meat (as wonderful as it may be), but a quirky new gift and homeware brand that "captures the unexpected moments of the contented lives of a pig, a horse and a rabbit" - or so HAM’s tagline goes.

Created by London-based designer Jo Robinson - who swapped life on her family’s farm and a pet pig called Primrose for a fine art course at the prestigious Ruskin School at Oxford - HAM is a range of beautifully crafted fine bone china mugs, tea towels, aprons, greetings cards and prints.

Featuring the silhouettes of three characterful farmyard animals doing unexpected things (the pig on a scooter, the horse watering the garden or the bunny joyously bouncing on a trampoline, for example), owning the quirky black and white pieces feels like a voyeuristic peek into the hidden world of animals; a bit like what Toy Story did for our childhood playthings.

To top it off, all HAM’s goodies are 100% produced and manufactured in the UK - the ‘Made In Britain’ label being something Jo feels passionate about.

We can't wait to see what the pig, horse and rabbit get up to next. Check out www.hammade.com to shop the full HAM range.

What do you think? Do you already own some pieces from HAM? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments section below.

Picture credit: hammade.com

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