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History's greatest dogs?

Pet pooches star as world's greatest figures

Not sure if you’ve realised but we do love a cute animal or two, so we were suitably endeared when we came across these well-dressed dogs representing the canine companions of great figures from history.

ABOVE: Sydney, the imagined canine companion of Charlie Chaplin

For the 1920s there’s Juliette, the imagined companion of Coco Chanel resplendent in pearls and a tweed jacket; the 1940s envisages a pug called Sydney dressed in a tuxedo complete with bow tie as Charlie Chaplin’s ideal pooch, and 1990 sees Fernandez the dog wearing a polo neck jumper as the companion of the late Steve Jobs.

ABOVE: Was Fernandez running the show at Apple HQ?

The quirky project (which was crowd-funded by Kickstarter) is the brainchild of three sisters from America – Alice, Cindy and Winnie – who decided to build on Winnie’s success as an established dog photographer by creating the series of fun photos for their new book entitled Canine Chronicles.

ABOVE: Albert Einstein's imagined pet dog, Arthur

Each of the beautiful photographs will also be accompanied by a fictional tale of each of the dog’s contribution to history written by Cindy, while Alice was in charge of design and layout. Pre-order the limited edition book and see more photos on the Canine Chronicles website.

What do you think? Which other great figures should the girls find canine companions for? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments section below...

Picture credit: Winnie Au

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