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HRH Harry the hippo

Introducing Prince Harry the pygmy hippo

He may have been rejected by his mum, but luckily for one little hippopotamus it’s been a fairy tale ending.

Named Harry – after our Prince - this little fella was adopted by the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa after he was rejected at birth.

ABOVE and BELOW: Prince Harry and Harry the hippo - separated at birth?

Harry is a pygmy breed hippo, and so - like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous novel - this Little Prince will only grow up to three-feet tall, spending most of his time submerged under water, before coming out at night to eat leaves and grass, once back in the wild.

ABOVE: Six-day-old Harry will only grow up to three feet tall

Requiring round-the-clock care, six-day-old Harry is certainly living up to his princely name, residing in a special suite at the sanctuary and being hand-fed 125ml milk every three hours by a team of carers.

ABOVE: Young Harry's a bit of a water baby

ABOVE: The plucky hippo is said to have brought joy and smiles to the sanctuary staff

What do you think? Would Harry the hippo cut it as a member of royalty? Tell us what you think on Twitter or in the comments below...

Picture credit: Rex

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