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Kangaroo & wombat: the orphaned BFFs

Unlikely pair develop bond

Get set for your cute fix of the day, if not the decade...

These photos of an orphaned infant kangaroo and wombat forging an unlikely friendship are sending our animal adorability radar soaring - possibly more so than even the baby sloth in a onesie or HRH Harry the hippo.

Anzac the kangaroo and Peggy the wombat became pals after sharing a pouch together at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia.

Anzac was brought to the centre after being rescued in the Macedon Ranges, aged five months. Missing his mum, he was placed with wombat Peggy and the two now sleep together, sharing a unique bond.

Rescue centre worker Lisa Milligan said the photogenic pair are comforted by each other's movement and heartbeat.

She believes one of the reasons the lively duo get on so well is their similar personalities - with Anzac described as very social, next to Peggy's boisterous and cheeky streak.

Brighten up your Thursday morning by perusing the photos, above and below. Or click here to check out other unlikely animal friendships.

Picture credit: Rex Features

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