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Watch as these adorable kittens help stressed out people unwind


Friday is here at last. The weekend has started, and it is now time to turn the alarm clocks off and just relax. Step away from the Blackberry, put down the iPhone, it is the end of the week and we are welcoming it in with open arms.

However, if you haven't quite got into that Friday feeling, we have the perfect remedy for that - Kitten Therapy.

Don't believe us? We have proof. Tidy Cats and media company SoulPancake asked people outside of a Los Angeles courthouse about their stress levels. Unsurprisingly, everyone had something weighing on their mind. Luckily, that was all about to change.

The participants were asked to enter a transparent cube, put on some headphones and listen to the 'guided meditation.' A calm voice asked the participants to relax and listen to the calming sounds of a purring kitten. Little did they know that when they opened their eyes, kittens from a nearby shelter were sitting in front of them waiting to play. 

As you can imagine, every single participant's troubles melted away. 

"You can't be stressed after sitting in a box full of kitten." one participants wisely states.

We assure you, watching this video once will instantly get you into that Friday feeling. Stressed on Monday? Watch it then too. And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....until you convince your boss to include Kitten Therapy as part of the healthcare package. 



Kittens begin to appear from the secret doors

kitten 2

This lady never ever wants to leave the cube. ever.

kitten 3

kitten therapy working its magic

kitten 4

This curious kitty is ready for her close up

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: Tidy Cat/SoulPancake


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