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  • Meet Tank the tiny tortoise
  • Meet Tank the tiny tortoise
  • Meet Tank the tiny tortoise
  • Meet Tank the tiny tortoise

Meet Tank the tiny tortoise

Today's cute fix

Put down that breakfast bagel now and feast your eyes on our must-have pet of the moment.

Tank the tiny tortoise is creating a riot at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, thanks to his miniature size and giant spirit.

Measuring just one-and-a-half inches long, the improbably-named Tank is around the same size as a door key and much smaller than a computer mouse or even your average lip salve.

The cute critter was given to the park staff by departing head of reptiles Ross Hickles as a leaving present. His lust for life means the six-month-old Hermann's tortoise has quickly become a star attraction among visitors.

"Everyone loves him, they think he's really cute," a spokesman for the park said. "I challenge anyone to meet him and not instantly break out into an 'Awww'. He is spreading joy to all the visitors.

"Despite his size he has a real energy for life. But he will eventually grow to the size of an average tortoise."

Take a look at cute photos of Tank, below...

Picture credit: Barcroft Media

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