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  • Olympic guinea pigs go for gold
  • Olympic guinea pigs go for gold
  • Olympic guinea pigs go for gold
  • Olympic guinea pigs go for gold
  • Olympic guinea pigs go for gold
  • Olympic guinea pigs go for gold

Olympic guinea pigs go for gold

Athletic pets flaunt their skills

Who needs real life Olympians when you've got a host of athletically skilled guinea pigs to wow the cameras?

These fluffy bundles of joy are giving the likes of Tom Daley and Victoria Pendleton a run for their money with their sheer Olympic prowess.

Carrying the baton for possibly the sportiest group of guinea pigs ever seen, they've conquered a range of disciplines - from hurdling to diving and even horse riding - with skill and tenacity.

It's all in aid of a frankly genius calendar series titled Guinea Pig Games 2013. And animal lovers, rest assured - the actual pets used were shot in a studio with plenty of treats and their images were then digitally manipulated to conjure of scenes of Olympian glory.

Enjoy the madness, below.

Picture credit: www.themaverickshop.com/Rex Features

ABOVE: Victoria Pendleton, eat your heart out

ABOVE: Busting a few slick diving moves

ABOVE: They may have tiny legs but these guinea pigs have hurdling nailed

ABOVE: This ginger guinea is fully at home atop his Olympian horse

ABOVE: It's a tensely-fought contest in the 100 metre guinea pig sprint

ABOVE: If only guinea pigs legged it across London bridge every day of the week...

ABOVE: An Olympic swimmer ploughs his way through the water with skill and dexterity

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