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Pandas invaded our office


A group of pandas just invaded our office. They were tall and silent and keen to give out hugs. They were accompanied by representatives from the Chengdu Panda base in China and promoting Panda Awareness week. In the picture below you can see the pandas in reception. Out of shot is our production editor, Francesca, coming up the stairs with a look of utter shock and bemusement on her face.

They were somewhat unruly and started eating the plants and bits of paper from the recycling. The Stylist office lacks bamboo. Which is probably a good thing.

Here a panda tries to charm our beauty director Jo by making eyes at her.

It worked and the panda took her desk from her.

At this point we realised another one was considering spiriting away Corrie, freelancing on the art desk, to be his Panda Wife. (Corrie is safe and remains un-spirited and on the art desk.)

Although the best bit, possibly, was watching the reaction of everyone having a Serious Meeting in the boardroom.



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