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  • Polar bear twins reunite
  • Polar bear twins reunite
  • Polar bear twins reunite
  • Polar bear twins reunite

Polar bear twins reunite

Cubs brought together at China zoo

If getting out of bed was a struggle this morning, take some cheer from our latest batch of (unbelievably) cute animal photos...

A pair of baby polar bear twins have met for the first time since being born two months ago. The twins, both male, were brought together at the LHT Pole Aquarium in China's Liaoning Province.

The two-month-old infants, who weigh 9.7kg and 9.1kg respectively, were born in October. They were parented by a pair of polar bears donated to China by the Finnish government in 2001.

Despite being separated since birth, the youngsters were soon at home in one another's company and were happy to roll around and cuddle together - soon proving themselves to be extremely photogenic.

Enjoy the pictures of the twin cubs just after they were born and during their reunion, above and below.

Picture credit: Rex Features

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