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Production of 'Hamlet' performed by pugs is searching for funding


A man has created a Kickstarter to fund a production of Hamlet, with an all-pug cast.

Kevin Broccoli, of Rhode Island in the US, started the page this week and is looking for nearly £3000 to make his dog-brained scheme a reality. He wrote that "for years I've dreamed of mounting one of Shakespeare's most glorious works with nature's most glorious creation: The Pug."

As a writer, and pug-owner, Broccoli wanted to marry his two favourite things in life. He told mashable.com: "to be honest, pugs always remind me of Hamlet. [They're] always kind of sad and brooding even though they bring so much joy to others."

Kevin Broccoli thinks that pugs' brooding faces give off the gloomy air of Shakespeare's Hamlet

Written in the early 1600s, Hamlet is the story of Prince Hamlet of Denmark, who vows to take revenge on his uncle, who killed his father and married his mother.

Broccoli's production - Pug-let - is set to be five hours long, and he wants to have 'real' human actors doing voiceovers for the pug performers, Homeward Bound style. How they will handle the famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy is yet to be answered.

Kickstarter allows projects to crowd-source funding from all over the world, in return for a promise from the project. Broccoli has until August 6th to raise the money for his production of Shakespeare's famous tragedy, but has only raised £150 so far, so pug enthusiasts will have to be generous if they want the show to go ahead. Pledging him the full $5000 he needs will earn a generous theatre-lover a walk on part as the only human in the show.

If it is a success, Pug-let would not be the first pug foray into the acting world. A series of popular YouTube videos have seen pugs acting out Home Alone, Game of Thrones, Elf and Back to the Future.

But a career-changing role like Hamlet could make superstars of the little dogs. The Academy Award committee had better watch out.

The next Shakespearian superstar?

Words: Victoria Gray, Images: Rex, Kickstarter



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